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The "Cypria" begins with the first causes of the war, the purpose of Zeus to relieve the overburdened earth, the apple of discord, the rape of Helen.
The conductor seemed unwilling to go into first causes.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Theologians and materialists agree that this universe has a self-sustaining First Cause.
Neelima's fourth exhibition, titled First Cause, explores ideas such as the first rain, first light, and first darkness.
It has to be quickly said that the ac-ceptance of the need for a first cause does not prove that it is, as Christians claim, God.
First Cause, the debut novel by New York author Paul West, is a gripping work of fiction that explores human possibility.
The film has three enormous weather systems colliding over Chicago, ``creating the worst super-storm in the nation's history - but only after they first cause the national power grid to collapse, making it impossible to warn anyone about the impending disaster.
Chiropractors and medical researchers have found that Birth Trauma is the first cause of nervous system interference.
Triptych begins in silence, establishing movement as the first cause and reason for being, and this pattern occurs in each of the evening's works.
The second proof uses contemporary quantum physics to expand the notion of "causality," which is used to demonstrate a "unique, unrestricted, absolutely simple First Cause of all else that is.
But above all, wisdom consists in ordering all things to God as their first cause and final purpose.
This inference is in line with a previous hypothesis that environmental hazards first cause "clinically silent damage' to the brain early in life, followed by normal cell loss with aging that triggers Parkinson's disease (SN: 10/5/85, p.

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