first cause

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His first cause of action has worried the high court justices because once granted, it could put in question the election not only of Vice President Leni Robredo but results in both local and national elections as well.
George Erwin Garcia admitted that even if the first cause of action is granted, the former senator cannot be proclaimed as the winner because a manual recount has to be conducted nationwide.
It is this Self-Sustaining First Cause which not only makes our intellectual life possible but also quite meaningful.
Belief in the existence of an Eternal and First Cause is the common ground between the believers in God and the materialists.
As we've discussed, childbirth can be the first cause of VSC.
You mean he thought that God exists because everything has a cause and causes can't go on forever and the first cause is God?
Is there a way that you might want to withdraw the First Cause of Action so that we can proceed immediately only to the Second and the Third Cause of Action?
The first cause is from the consumer and that's the customer intimacy.
The financial pressure to pay investors first causes a cash crunch, often dooming otherwise solid companies to mass layoffs and eventual closure.
Sunburn first causes a burning sensation and only later leads to peeling skin.

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