first charge

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Even as he had guessed, the first charge carried the howling warriors but a short distance into the open--a shrill, weird challenge from the ape-man being all that was necessary to send them scurrying back to the bush.
It is always of interest, the first charge of the first bull.
"With regard to the mode in which thou shouldst govern thy person and thy house, Sancho, the first charge I have to give thee is to be clean, and to cut thy nails, not letting them grow as some do, whose ignorance makes them fancy that long nails are an ornament to their hands, as if those excrescences they neglect to cut were nails, and not the talons of a lizard-catching kestrel- a filthy and unnatural abuse.
It was arranged that the party which was to take its position to the north, and which would be the last to gain its station should commence the assault, and that their opening volley should be the signal for a concerted rush from all sides in an attempt to carry the village by storm at the first charge.
What I have left to call my own--it is little beyond the worth of a few jewels--I will make it the first charge of his life to bestow, with the compassion and lamenting of his dead mother, on this injured family, if the sister can be discovered.'
The latter dodged the first charge, drew a wicked-looking curved blade from beneath its red robe, spread its wings and dived for its antagonist.
He and fellow defendant Brian Phillips, who pled guilty to the first charge, were released on bail and will be sentenced on Monday.
The first charge was read out under the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2009 and an alternative charge offered under Section 163 of the Penal Code.
In the first charge, she was accused of malversing P27,800, while she was faulted for malversing P60,000 in the second charge.
UK-based bank Shawbrook Group plc (LSE: SHAW) has acquired a GBP 53m portfolio of first charge complex mortgages from a specialist mortgage lender following a competitive process, the group said.
Appearing in court wearing glasses, a black leather jacket, black trousers and black shoes, Siddall pleaded guilty to the first charge before his solicitor indicated he would plead guilty to all 12 charges.
In the first charge sheet, sources said the sting operation is likely to find a mention.

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