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The Pillsbury Bake-Off(R) Contest originated in 1949, with the first competition at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City.
His first competition is expected to begin at about 9:10 a.
The Youth Basketball Action for Links and League (Y B'BALLS) is holding it first competition in the town.
One such athlete was Shawn DeHorney from Antelope Valley, who won the Golden League title in May in his first competition of the season.
There have already been sessions in other parts of the district and the first competition will be at the Meadow Community Sports Centre at Kenilworth School, in Leyes Lane.
The MOOT CORP(R) competition was the first competition of its kind focused on entrepreneurship and is the oldest operating inter-business school new-venture competition in the world.
His first competition was 1998, when he earned a silver medal at the state games.
All Saints Primary School pupil Rosie said: "I think this is brilliant - this is the first competition that I have ever won.
The Hampton Classic Horse Show marks Ward's first competition appearance since helping the United States Equestrian Team claim the Olympic Silver Medal last week in Athens, Greece.
But they're also very nervous because it's their first competition,'' cheerleading director Michelle Wolfe said.
NUNEATON marching band Phantom Knights got their new season off to a flying start with a win in their first competition.

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