first competition

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"Each team trains twice a week and we start training in August for our first competition in February.
The first competition between the Azerbaijani team and the Italian team, which holds traditional friendly competitions at the beginning of the season, was successful.
On day one, the girls had a great day at their first competition of the season.
The first competition will launch on 4 March 2019 on the Innovation Funding Service.
And first competition in this connection was held between Jhang and Khanewal teams in Jhang.
A young kickboxer from Dumfries won gold in his first competition.
The number of projects submitted for the first competition reached 56 projects competing for the prizes.
by Times News ServiceOmani show jumper Sultan Al Tooqi finished behind two Dutch riders at the Houten Grand Prix show jumping event in Holland, which was his first competition in Europe.
QUORN triathlete Oliver Hatton (26) suffered technical problems at his first competition of the summer.
"I was rather surprised," Yu said after the tournament, saying that she started the first competition stage on a slow note.
After toasting to a fun and successful Season 19, the houseguests will immediately participate in their first competition, which will determine who the Head of Household (HOH) will be.
It was Dryden's first competition in an England vest.

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