first contest

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But the forty dollars won in the first contest he never received.
The first contest, on corruption, took place in 2015.
The first contest consisted of hurdles height of 85-95 cm and course speed of 300m/m, while the second one consisted of hurdles height of 100-110 cm (Two Phases) with the same course speed.
The athlete runner had won first place in the first contest held on June 22 at the National Stadium in the capital Bangkok.
The 13-year-old, from Throckley, saw off the cream of North East angling to win the overall title, best lady and best junior at the PENN Amble Open, seen as one of the biggest fishing events in the region - and the first contest Rebecca had entered.
Family Development Foundation has launched its first contest for screenplays of short social films in association with twofour54.
The first contest will be held at Radio Pakistan Rawalpindi on Friday for which all arrangements have been completed.
The first contest 'Eco Picture Diary' received 805 entries with writings and illustrations of the students' activities that contribute towards protecting the environment.
The first contest in the series will kick off on March 17.
The American complained about a low purse for the first contest in February but was able to drive a harder bargain this time having stopped Price in two rounds.
The first contest had its start with the question: Tell us your idea for an eco-friendly gift for your Valentine.
The Superintendency of Electricity & Telecommunications (SIGET) said it is creating a new tender for 350 MW power for 15 years after the first contest was declared void in March, reports Laprensagrafica.

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