first installment

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That Fall they paid the first installment of two hundred dollars on their land and Martin persuaded his mother to give and Robinson to take a chattel on their two horses, old Brindle, her calf and the pigs, that other much-needed implements might be bought.
In some cases, the tax may be paid in three equal annual installments, with the first installment paid at the time of the transfer.
Seller must at least simultaneously with submission of the bill for the first installment, provide full security for advance payment of the first installment of 30% excl.
LAHORE -- Chief Minister Punjab Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said, the government, as per its promise, is completing the process of distribution of first installment of compensation for flood affectees.
This title continues the narrative threads begun in the first installment. Twilight.
The first installment of selected fashions from LACMA's permanent collection displays some exquisite frocks but almost no curatorial principle beyond the brainstorm of arranging the outfits chronologically by decade.
83-111, the IRS held that, if an overpayment of income tax for a tax year occurs on or before the due date of the first installment of estimated tax for the succeeding tax year, the overpayment is available for credit against any installment of estimated tax for such succeeding tax year and will be credited in accordance with the taxpayer's election.
The new rules apply for the remaining quarters, and any shortage on the first installment, arising from using the old rule, must be paid with the second installment in June.
A section requiring urgent intervention, the first installment was renewed in 2008.
This first installment actually has four different stories that all happen sequentially but which are all by different authors.
When the first installment of the Berlin Biennale was held in 1998, the stakes were high.
(3/18/97), and has acquiesced to the May Department Stores decision, the Service has not changed its position requiring that taxpayers attach a statement to their returns to elect that their overpayments be applied to an estimated tax installment other than the first installment. If the taxpayer does not designate the installment to which the overpayment should be applied, the IRS credits the overpayment to the first estimated tax installment.

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