first installment

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That Fall they paid the first installment of two hundred dollars on their land and Martin persuaded his mother to give and Robinson to take a chattel on their two horses, old Brindle, her calf and the pigs, that other much-needed implements might be bought.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran has received the first installment of its $2.
The movie is directed by Gareth Evans who was also at the helm of the first installment.
The loan will be disbursed on two installments; the first installment is (70%) of the value of the loan to be paid immediately after signing the loan facility agreement.
The first installment for constructions material will be due after nine months, while the first installment for furniture will be due after six months.
Pakistan had already repaid $417 million first installment to the International Monetary Fund in the last week of February this year.
Summary: The first installment of Qatar aid arrived Tuesday to Syrian refugees residing in north Lebanon.
The offer is QIB's gift to its customers on the advent of the holy month in order to meet their needs and enable them possess a car without a down payment or a first installment before the end of 2011," a spokesperson said.
The bills are for the First Installment of Tax Year 2010, and are calculated to be 55 percent of the previous year's total bill.
Baghdad, Jun 2, (VOI) a" The Iraqi Ministry of Trade on Monday said it will pay the first installment to farmers who had sold their wheat and barley harvest to its warehouses in Baghdad and other Iraqi provinces.
Individual income taxpayers in these states and the District of Columbia also have until April 17, 2007, to make Federal tax payments otherwise due on April 16, 2007, including the first installment of estimated tax for tax year 2007.
Of course, the story quits there and sets you up for the sequel, called The Yanti, which refers to the unusual medallion All was given at the end of the first installment, which she has been trying to learn to wield throughout this volume.

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