first move

See: onset, outset
References in classic literature ?
When the position is such that neither side will gain by making the first move, it is called temporizing ground.
His first move was to send Davenport to Liverpool to try to find the steward of the WEST AFRICAN, who had told him about Oolanga, and if possible secure any further information, and then try to induce (by bribery or other means) the nigger to come to the Brow.
He realized, also, that the first move in the game between them had been made and that he had lost.
Hugh made no answer, but snatching the rope from his companion's hand, proceeded to bind old John himself; but his very first move was so bungling and unskilful, that Mr Dennis entreated, almost with tears in his eyes, that he might be permitted to perform the duty.
To my amazement, however, I could at first move neither one nor the other of these small boxes.
If the Orange lost U-Dor would have sacrificed one of his most important pieces and more than lost what advantage the first move might have given him.
The Corrs beauty insists that anybody planning to ask her out will have to make the first move.
SunBridge officials dispute the findings and have filed a plan of correction with the state, the first move in regaining regular licensure.
You say you make the first move, so stop doing it and see how long it takes for him to initiate sex.
IN general, I'm all in favour of women making the first move.
THE Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Cllr Paul Clark, made the first move at the start of the UK-China Summit Match in St George's Hall yesterday.