first move

See: onset, outset
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FASHION designer Whitney Port thinks she might not have hooked up with fiance Tim Rosenman if she hadn't made the first move.
When we get home, I make the first move, pleasure him and then we have sex.
First, the dynamism of the environment can change the effect that the components of organizational capacity have on the ability of a first move to lead to a source of advantage.
Summary: SHARJAH -- In the first move of its kind in the UAE, the Jurist Association is to publish the country's laws in Braille script.
At the time it was reported that Katie pounced on Leandro at the bar at Elton John's Hollywood bash - but he claims it was he who made the first move.
Prep School pupil and Under 10 British Champion Imogen Turvey-Cross was invited on stage to make the first move for chess great and former Russian world champion Vladimir Kramnik.
sources of advantage) are generated from a firm's first move with the support of the firm's organizational capacity.
We ignore the possibility of the first move being a X, or being a 0: it is the location of the first move that matters, here.
A guide to the new service, which points to schemes established at Shell, Microsoft and PricewaterhouseCoopers, also highlights two successful services developed and funded by Advantage West Midlands - Graduate Advantage and First Move West Midlands.
The first move for someone can be rather intimidating," stated Elam.
Note: All of these options begin with the first move coming from the ball side.
The same strategy works for an array two rows high where the first move makes one row one cookie shorter than the other.