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The first model speaks for itself: it assumes that parents ignore or are unaware of any consequences of their child's first name.
But a source at the Category B jail said: "Being forced to call prisoners by their first name is blurring the line between inmates and guards.
Sports: The first name of UO softball player Lovena Chaput was incorrect in a story on Page D2 on Sunday.
But many newsrooms move cautiously when it comes to identifying children at all, opting for using first names only or pseudonyms, in an effort to minimize the harm that could be done to young sources by having their stories told so publicly.
input last name of Jamie and first name of Stevens).
First, and perhaps most important: you misspelled President Botstein's first name.
The first name contained in an electronic address is information which could have an impact on the receptor.
There are also 112 passionate people with the first name Honey
Police say she was confused by the pair as they had called her by her first name.
The winner will be the first name drawn from a fancy hat at random.
In the body of the text write "subscribe EDSTYLE first name last name" (omit quotes).
This all started when a judge fined his parents for not giving their son a first name.

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