first occasion

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References in classic literature ?
Blake, and pledges herself, on the first occasion when sickness may lay him low, to offer him the use of her Extracts for the second time.
It is sometimes suggested, by those who favour behaviourist views, that recognition consists in behaving in the same way when a stimulus is repeated as we behaved on the first occasion when it occurred.
Of a lion worthy, Or perhaps of a virtuous howl-monkey-- --But it's naught to you, Ye friendly damsels dearly loved, At whose own feet to me, The first occasion, To a European under palm-trees, A seat is now granted.
It had been agreed between us downstairs that after this first occasion I should have her as a matter of course at night, her small white bed being already arranged, to that end, in my room.
On the first occasion, that was what happened to myself.
During the two-day trial, prosecutor Elen Owen said that on the first occasion Gleave had approached one of his victims asking would she cheat on her boyfriend before massaging her shoulders and attempting to kiss her.
On the first occasion the rear door of the premises was forced open and a small quantity of items were taken.
On the first occasion he had barged into the man's home in Hillfields and taken a DVD player and freeview box.
Cirencester haven't won for 10 games, but that was the first occasion for three months that they have been able to field their strongest side, and we were worth a point.
Mrs Lloyd alleged at Mold Crown Court that on two occasions he drove past her home slowly and on the first occasion glared at her.
On the first occasion the police came by about ten minutes after I called to check I was OK.