first payment

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"People can get their first payment on day one of their claim as an advance and we continue to make improvements."
MPs heard the delay in getting the first payment was pushing people to use foodbanks.
Last June a National Audit Office report said that 21% of new claimants received their full first payment late.
If no arrangements are made after the first payment, claimants will be paid on the same date of every month.
If you really can't manage until your first payment, let us know, because you could get an advance payment up to the full amount of your first payment and then pay it back gradually from your future payments for up to a year.
Gillian Guy, chief executive of Citizens Advice, said: "Half the people we help with a Universal Credit claim are still struggling to keep a roof over their heads while they wait for their first payment.
She said the weeks-long wait for the first payment had serious consequences for finances, with people running into substantial debt and falling behind on rent and council tax payments.
Waiting for the first payment and moving to the new system are blamed for causing "hardship".
The first payment of Sh4 million was made on August 18, 2016.
According to FBR's order, 10 per cent of the total amount payable shall be paid upfront; 15 per cent within 90 days of the first payment; 25 per cent will be paid within 180 days of the first payment; 25 per cent shall be paid within 270 days of the first payment and the remaining 25 per cent shall be paid 365 days after the first payment.
Google's partners will double the first payment if it does not exceed 30,000 roubles, while Yandex will gift the entrepreneur a bonus of 15,000 roubles if they spend at least 5,000 roubles to launch a campaign.
In last week's Budget, Chancellor Philip Hammond confirmed the waiting time for claimants to receive their first payment would be reduced from six to five weeks.