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Smithers, I wonder if you could tell our listeners, what was the first thing that came into your head when you saw your home get blown apart like this by the tornado?
The first thing you should ask yourself is "Do you like the site or do you want to close your browser window?
The first thing that someone might say is "Saturn has an SUV?
She said: "The first thing I did was run to our first aid store and grab a whole load of bandages.
The first thing we look at are the qualifications a person has.
DeBERRY: First thing is getting used to the regimentation, the routine, the daily extraordinary burden on the athletes, and the schedule of the Academy.
While we want to do education and good things, when it comes down to it, the first thing is they want to put food on the table and send their kids to college.
Don't label it "contingency"-- that's the first thing to get cut -- but build it in throughout your program.

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