fiscal year

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fiscal year (tax year)

the year from 6 April until the following 5 April, named by the two calendar years that it spans, e.g. 2007/08 is the year starting on 6 April 2007 and ending on 5 April 2008.
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In addition, to fulfill our obligations under the South Pacific Multilateral Fisheries Treaty, we are requesting $18 million in ESF in fiscal year 2005.
An additional required payment to the government during the transition period to a different fiscal year would be imposed.
By the end of fiscal year 2002, over two-thirds of our overseas posts should reach minimal security standards, meaning secure doors, windows, and perimeters.
A fiscal year may minimize workload compression and cashflow concerns for proprietorships.
9 billion in the President's fiscal year 2002 budget request including a 5 percent increase over this year, there is $15.
May also filed an amended return to apply the fiscal-year 1985 overpayment to the third estimate for fiscal year 1986.

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