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Relating to finance or financial matters, such as money, taxes, or public or private revenues.

A fiscal agent is a bank engaged in the business of collecting and disbursing money. Such a bank also serves as a place for the deposit of private and public funds on behalf of others.

A fiscal year is a period of twelve months that does not necessarily correspond with the traditional calendar year. During this time period, appropriations are made and expenditures are authorized. At the end of the year, accounts are composed and the books are balanced. It is an accounting year frequently used by a state or large business, the first day of which is usually April, July, or October 1.

Fiscal officers are those individuals whose role it is to collect and distribute public money, such as state revenues or the revenues of a county or Municipal Corporation. The title is also used to describe officers in a private corporation who have the duty to oversee financial transactions. Fiscal officers of a corporation include a treasurer and a comptroller.

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"Fewer local governments are considered fiscally stressed, but those with persistent financial problems are struggling to stay out of the red and fix their problems," DiNapoli said.
Through a series of examples, this discussion summarizes the general approach adopted by the regulations and then highlights some of the practical difficulties encountered when determining whether a foreign company is entitled to treaty benefits when investing in the United States through an entity that may be fiscally transparent under the laws of one or more jurisdictions.
There are more fiscally responsible options for long-term care than CLASS, said Rep.
The so-called Blue Dog Coalition, a group of fiscally conservative House Democrats, had objected to the legislation's estimated $1 trillion cost over 10 years and said a vote by representatives would have to wait until after Labor Day.
Therefore the new system is likely to add substantially to the costs of small businesses rather than being 'fiscally neutral' to those who rely on the A4 size for letters, general correspondence, brochures and price lists.
The Board of Directors proposes that the association adopt a new worldview using an Operational Business Model to guide the association into a fiscally sound future.
A presentation called "The Fiscally Fit Health Plan" addressed a central issue for private companies: the spiraling cost of healthcare.
The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Online recently reported updates to its Washington Wire and Fiscally Fit columns.
She stresses the fact that the "standard of living"--a decent, proper, healthy, and fiscally responsible lifestyle for families--was as much about cultural ideas and mental habits as it was about the specific goods and services that were used to attain that ideal.
McLaren's founder lashed out saying they are "so fiscally obese they are beyond the point of diet".
We have assigned pluses to the "nays" because the bill increases transportation spending and is fiscally irresponsible (see Senate vote #14).
Many institutions are faced with the challenge of balancing their passion and mission with the realities of being fiscally viable entities.