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DANGEROUS Fish hooks are visible in dog's stomach on X-ray
But here the art of the islands takes on another dimension, since these are the fish hooks used to hunt for large and small fish, bound with natural fibres and set into carved wood mounts of different sizes.
They were right to do so too, because Alfie had swallowed a fish hook while on a half-term holiday in Falmouth with Linda, Richard and their two children William, seven, and Grace, five.
This did not cause a problem as the barrel was turned into the receiver, but when you attempted to remove it, the burrs acted almost like tiny fish hooks and grabbed on to the metal of the receiver threads.
emergency kit containing a tiny map, knife, fish hooks, twine, flints, a compass and flashlight, he is nonetheless uniquely suited to survive.
Liz Stuffins, head of visitor attractions at Redditch Borough Council, said: "Forge Mill has an international reputation as the only needle scouring mill in the world - where needles were polished ready for sale to the public, for fish hooks and in industry.
The objects include Hawaiian and Japanese drums, Samoan community bowls, Maori mantles of status, Micronesian canoes, Vietnamese incense burners, Lao musical pipes, Philippine icons, Korean cups, Japanese altars, Chinese New Year foods, Coast Salish fish hooks and canoes, Northwest wolf headdresses, and Inupiaq open boats.
The Folding Diamond Rat Tail Tapered Diamond Sharpening Rod sharpens regular and serrated blades, fish hooks, gut hooks and many tools.