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But most particularly, for the first time, it will make it feasible to drive a subcritical fission core capable of destroying transuranics at the same rate they are made in a power reactor.
In particular, processes in which fission is observed at an energy just
expecting a symmetric mass distribution of the fission fragments," says A.
However, we measured an asymmetric mass distribution of the fission
Fission of uranium atoms, in which they spontaneously shatter into less-massive atoms, produced precursors of xenon gas.
The Washington University team knew that fission of uranium atoms could directly produce isotopes of xenon.
Xenon isotopes also result when fission creates isotopes of other elements, such as tin, antimony, or iodine, that undergo a further series of radioactive decays.
The increases of chromosome number in slipper orchids can be attributed only to series of fissions.
If the fissions in the above examples are, indeed, the consequence of population pressures, then they are secondary modifications of karyotypes without direct bearing on the evolution of the lower chromosome numbers from which they arose.
Robertsonian fusion and centric fission are unique in being readily identified in comparative karyotype studies since both result in concomitant changes in chromosome morphology and chromosome number.
Flerov of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research at Dubna in the Soviet Union, searches of minerals have shown evidence for fission events that cannot be assigned to known species, but no kind of identification has been possible.
The key to finding a new transuranic element is the observation of a source of nuclear fission or of alpha-particle decay that does not correspond to any nuclear species already known.