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A book containing references, alphabetically arranged, to the contents of a series or collection of documents or volumes; or a section (normally at the end) of a single volume or set of volumes containing such references to its contents.

Statistical indexes are also used to track or measure changes in the economy (for example, the Consumer Price Index) and movement in stock markets (for example, Standard & Poor's Index). Such indexes are usually keyed to a base year, month, or other period of comparison.

In mortgage financing, the term is used to determine adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) interest rates after the discount period ends. Common indexes for ARMs are one-year Treasury Securities and the national average cost of funds to savings and loan associations.

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References in classic literature ?
His face was convulsed and white, his eyes were flashing, his clenched fists raised overhead.
So Oakland doubled its brawny fists and swung into San Francisco for blood.
And once more Judge Witberg impacted his features on a fist and was sent to grass.
Judge Witberg backed away in alarm before the menacing fists of the other.
"Lord bless ye, Tom, ye needn't break all the glasses!" said Marks; "save your fist for time o' need."
"Now," said Loker, with a tremendous oath, and striking the table with his heavy fist, "don't I know you, Dan Haley?
To appeal, however, to his interest in obtaining the letter was entirely incompatible (after the recent exhibition of his fist) with the strong regard which Bishopriggs felt for his own personal security.
If she went straight to the man accused of attempting to marry her, at a time when he was already engaged to another woman--Bishopriggs would find himself confronted with the owner of that terrible fist, which had justly terrified him even on a distant and cursory view.
In an interview, Pait explained that the facade of the museum was inspired by a clenched fist, most apt for a museum to rise within the UP Diliman campus, where the series of demonstrations against the Marcos dictatorship escalated into the First Quarter Storm during the 1970s.
After taking his oath to become one of the judicial branch's top officers on Monday, Zalameda posed for a picture with Duterte, Cabinet officials - presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo; Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea; and newly appointed Budget Acting Secretary Wendel Avisado, and Duterte long-time aide and Senator Christopher 'Bong' Go doing the President's signature fist bump.
A nine-year-old boy from Eenghango village in the Ohangwena region on Friday succumbed to injuries inflicted by a school peer after the deceased was assaulted with fists on 26 June 2019.
Jones threatened the woman with a clenched fist and the woman, who is in her 40s, got out of the BMW 2 Series without injury.