fit for travel

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Despite being declared fit for travel, cancer sufferers are being quoted silly amounts such as PS2,800 for a single trip abroad.
A good fit for travel related business, guided tours or limo svc.
and Carolina Lam of CUL Transport said they had to pull out any available bus fit for travel to address the emergency situation of passengers waiting to spend the holidays with their loved ones.
They are a natural fit for travel management and share a similar focus with teams of experienced travel consultants.
A The best source of info is the NHS run Fit for Travel website http://www.
Summary: Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand have declared themselves fit for travel ahead of Tueday's quarter-final with Bayern Munich.
Stock that are not fit for travel, and not fit for the food chain or for on-farm slaughter for the food chain will have to be disposed of as fallen stock.
Tom has written five books and the latest offering, Fit for Travel, looks at forms of transport Tom has encountered over the years.
In August 2001, the Commission made it compulsory for a vet to certify animals as fit for travel and submitted more stringent requirements on ventilation temperature and humidity controls to the Council in April 2001 which are currently under discussion.
The padded adjustable shoulder strap is designed to provide a comfortable fit for travel.