fit the pattern

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We just need the goalscorer/hold-up man to fit the pattern of play I want to concentrate on.
Some places don't fit the pattern because demographic and social differences also come into play," Camille Ryan, a Census Bureau demographer, says.
Pleasant Valley is the only one with an average bottle price below $10, so the other six fit the pattern of rapidly growing sales in the higher price segments.
Participants had to indicate which word in a series didn't fit the pattern - and righties performed slightly better.
Alain Bauer, a professor of criminology, said Wednesday's heist did not appear to fit the pattern of attacks by the Pink Panthers gang of jewel thieves because they ''don't usually attack trucks.
Those specializing in the selection and pairing of fur wet and stretch the pelts they've chosen to fit the pattern, while another group, trained in the gheronatura craft, expertly slices the pelts into thin V-shaped strips.
Broadly it does fit the pattern of how China has lately dealt with outstanding claims of sovereignty.
In cases where the relationships don't fit the pattern, we remember the pattern and the few exceptions, instead of remembering all the ties simultaneously, he said.
Becker also has fun with the use of opposites and prepositions, and children can easily be encouraged to come up with their own rhymes to fit the pattern.
The Counterfeit handsets are generally cheap Chinese copies and either lack an IMEI serial number entirely, or use fake numbers that don't fit the pattern accepted for that handset model being identified to the network.
Last year's negotiations over the extension of the Bush tax cuts fit the pattern, with an agreement to keep the cuts in place for two years, avoiding a broad tax increase, achieved only at the last minute in a lame-duck session of Congress.
The success of Easy Rider and the spectacular failure of his next film, The Last Movie, fit the pattern for the actor-director, who also had parts in such favourites as Apocalypse Now and Hoosiers.