fit time

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Au"The ChairMaster helps solve that problem creating an opportunity for people to transform their daily sit time routine of watching television or checking email into fit time.
NICE TO SEE YOU Andre Villas-Boas squares up to Alex Ferguson in the EPL for the first time NICE TO SEE f th fit time
Whatever schedule is adopted needs to fit time in for teacher preparation, but also suit other changes Murphy hopes to implement, like more common preparation time, which allows teachers to compare experiences on curriculum and students and to share best practices.
30pm) Ching-He Huang heads for London to lend her expertise to two American entrepreneurs keen to enjoy a diverse diet, but struggling to fit time in the kitchen into their busy lives.
The Messy Buddha" is a strong and recommended pick for anyone who struggles to fit time for their spirit into their lives.
The trick is to prioritise and plan ahead, this way you can fit time in for yourself, doing what you enjoy outside of work.
My knee simply couldn't cope with it and I had to decide whether to keep battering myself by trying to get fit time after time and risk long- term injury, or give up.
It's difficult to fit time in at the moment with friends or even being able to find the time to make a phone call.
Ellie, who has just finished a sold out tour of the US, has managed to fit time into her hectic schedule to train for 'Nike+ Run to the Beat', a prestigious half marathon taking place in London on September 25, 2011.
To help fit time together at meals into a busy schedule, families can visit www.
People's lives have got increasingly hectic with work, children and busy social lives making it hard to fit time in to keep on top of domestic chores.
This season the Warriors will again offer Kaiser Permanente "Healthy Picks" meals for sale during home games at ORACLE Arena, and will repeat their popular outreach program from last year -- "Get Fit Time Out.