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The law of diminishing returns catches up with writer-director Mark Brown in "The Salon," a vibrantly raucous but only fitfully funny ensemble comedy aimed primarily at African-American ticketbuyers.
Al Capone, of all people, hardly needs to be admirable to be intriguing - as Gallo's fitfully brilliant, shadow-boxing performance proves in spades.
Exuberant but only fitfully amusing, 2003-made pic has already surfaced at several film meets, but looks unlikely to break out of the festival gulag and find distribution beyond the Baltics.
After sweating out that day, Csellak slept fitfully.
Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle is less than the sum of its fitfully entertaining parts.
THE Hitman's Bodyguard is a fitfully entertaining, testosterone-saturated romp that orchestrates mayhem around the fractious on-screen chemistry of its two leads.
99 HITMAN'S BODYGUARD 15 A FITFULLY entertaining romp that borrows the premise of the 1977 Clint Eastwood thriller The Gauntlet and orchestrates mayhem around the on-screen chemistry of its two leads.
The statement was issued two weeks before she planned to step down, but was intended to pave the way for her successor to resume work on an issue that has proceeded fitfully through the rulemaking process for decades.
Maradona coached fitfully and without much success.
Zac Efron is a DJ |out to hit the big time We Are Your Friends comes across like a somewhat more dramatic version of Entourage and, while there's never any doubt where it's all heading, it's a fitfully amusing drama.
Though the sexes are switched, and artistic embellishments reinforce the story's fictional nature, few will fail to recognize autobiographical elements involving a filmmaker with on-set issues coping fitfully with her mom's fatal illness.
Far from being the US, this is about Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Qatar and the UAE all carrying out their individual foreign policies - only fitfully in coordination with each other and even less in consultation with Barack Obama.