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Over two hundred years since his death, Shakespeare still needed "able editing," a task which "to be fitly performed demands not only erudition and judgment, but the exquisite taste of a poetical mind":
rift, rifle, rife, relief, reflect, reef, rectify, lifter, lift, lifer, life, lefty, left, fret, freely, free, flyer, flit, flirt, flier, fleet, fleecy, flee, fitly, fire, filter, filet, filer, file, fiery, fiercely, fierce, fete, fertile, felt, feet, feel, cleft, certify, ELECTRIFY Wordsquare: R.
Fitly years of psychotherapy process-outcome research: Continuity and change.
Burns might be fitly placed as a poet, historian, and economist.
Company leaders from FirstHand Philly, Invisible Sentinel, Integral Molecular, PolyCore Therapeutics LLC, The One Health Company, DreamIt, CIC, Telesis Therapeutics, Fitly, Spark Therapeutics, University of Pennsylvania, and Wexford Science & Technology participated in the roundtable discussion at University City Science Centers headquarters on Market Street.
Hallaq's claim has been repeated by, for example, Gregor Schwarb in "Capturing the Meanings of God's Speech: The Relevance of Usul al-Fiqh to an Understanding of Usul al-Tafsir in Jewish and Muslim Kalam," in A Word Fitly Spoken: Studies in Mediaeval Exegesis of the Hebrew Bible and the Qur[?
A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pitchers of silver.
A System of Matter Fitly Disposed: Locke's Thinking Matter Revisited, HAN-KYUL KIM
The best example then known was HATED HORNY FITLY FAUNS WIRES WOULD, improved by Steve Root in February 1999 to BIOLOGY DEATHLY SLOSHED BASTARD SELVAGE FISSILE DALLIES FLAVORS among many others).
We consider that the same condition and qualities, in a fitly trained man, may well be expected to advance far into the confines of what is generally termed old age.
Allama Muhammad Iqbal declared in his famous Allahabad address of 1930 that "the Muslims of India are the only Indian people who can fitly be described as a nation in the modern sense of the word.
The federal and provincial governments joined the Town of Sioux Lookout in announcing an equal three-way funding deal on fitly 30 to proceed with a $ 12.