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Budget fitness trackers are somewhat of amixed bag really.
After working 9am to 7pm most days I'm too tired to keep fit, but the fitness tracker reassured me that I'm doing okay and don't have to worry about going to the gym.
I've lost 2st CHILDMINDER Elysha Tagg says using a fitness tracker has helped her lose 2st and get in shape.
Keiron Dalton, a digital identity expert from Aspect Software, suggests that the so-called Internet of Things has had a major impact on trust and security, and will continue to do so as more and more consumers adopt technologies such as fitness trackers, smart watchers and smart TVs.
This year's CES revealed a considerably expanded range of applications and products, encompassing sensor-laden socks, running shoes, travel clothing, belts, a meditation headband and the Swarovski Shine, a pair of high-fashion fitness trackers in the form of a pendant or bracelet that claim to be the world's first solar-powered wearable fitness tracking device.
The internet is already full of advice on how to fool a fitness tracker.
You might share your fitness tracker data with your doctor or simply use it to track your progress and motivate you to do more (see chart).
For instance, during 2015 more than 24,500 Fitbit fitness trackers were distributed among the staff of British Petroleum in North America as a part of its incentive program.
Huawei has made technology easier for its customers by manufacturing Talkband, which would serve as their exclusive fitness tracker as well.
The wrist is a convenient spot to wear a fitness tracker but perhaps not the most accurate.
But no - though Atlas Fitness Tracker may seem like a fitness band at first sight, it houses a very different soul beneath its shell.
Defining the device's functionality, Thurrott writes that the fitness tracker will be equipped with multiple sensors, so it can track users' steps, calories burned and heart rate.