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Treatment endeavors to alter the organization of a system, to increase the flow of energy and information between the system and its environment, so that the system can evolve toward increasing complexity and adaptive fittedness.
What that writer was questioning was not the brain's preeminence in the matter of thinking but its unique fittedness for the task.
Michael Joyner's "Of Time and the Garden: Swinburne's 'A Forsaken Garden'" (1997) sees the piece comprising an unreconciled "dialogue between the languages of the human and the natural" creating "a world in which neither a Wordsworthian fittedness nor a total separation of humankind and nature is possible.
Harmony -- the fittedness of each sound to the other, such that together they constitute a whole -- is produced involuntarily by the excitement of the imagination.
By this reasoning, magical efficacy requires two conditions: the fittedness (or iconicity) of the material procedures vis a vis the intended outcome, and the belief that it will work.