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Club fitters have been purchasing our application since last fall when they first realized that the data collected through our technology could be used to help them instantly acquire data and better understand a golfer's swing," said CEO and founder Dick Eyestone.
Now the Americans want Rory to teach them the techniques which won him the coveted UK Floor Covering Fitter of the year in 1999.
The former Nissan worker took voluntary redundancy from the car maker and used the money to set himself up as a mobile tyre fitter, travelling the North East.
As a company in the home services space, Bath Fitter has a huge opportunity to own the neighborhoods they serve," said Eric Cosway, EVP and CMO, QuantumDigital.
The Committee of European Construction Equipment (CECE) has called for Europe-wide harmonisation of tower crane fitters and driving rules, citing the increasing complexity and sophistication of construction sites as well as the technology used in tower cranes.
But he has to be fitter to play in the Championship - and certainly international football.
8220;I'm very pleased to welcome Bath Fitter to our elite group of certified businesses.
Tom said: "This is one of the first days of going round hospitals to encourage NHS staff to get fitter.
Peter Kelly, Acting Regional Director of Public Heath said: "We are extremely happy with the response to the challenge and it shows that despite the recession, businesses in the North East are prepared to take the health of their staff seriously and invest in a fitter workforce.
The register also has a record of which appliances each fitter is qualified to work on.
TWO 81-year-olds will be wed this week - 65 years after the marriage propsal Michael Fitter and Mary Oaten met in London in the last years of the Second World War.