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Fittings library - Engineers can easily drag fittings from a
Metalfit currently produces large diameter fittings for Griffin, and in the future will manufacture the firm's entire line of fittings for ductile iron pressure pipe from 6-48 in.
5 mm Multistand Wire Havells wrth fitting & fixing
Documentation and additional reference data for fitting more general shapes (paraboloids, complex surfaces, etc.
Flexibility -- After installation, CoPro fittings can be rotated around the pipe without damaging the gasket or the pipe
In about 30 seconds, Intellifit can virtually eliminate the hassle of dragging armfuls of clothes into fitting rooms because shoppers generally don't know what sizes will fit them best in the hundreds of different brands they see.
However, indications are that the fitting wasn't securely tightened when it was installed three years ago.
E[acute accent]Internationally known for the best-fitting, highest-quality bras in the world, Wacoal spends months developing every bra and panty to produce the most comfortably fitting garment in every size it is offered, which can range from 30AA to 44G.
New features include over 125 additional nonlinear equations, enhanced user defined function (UDF) capabilities, three new Robust fitting methods, an AI Expert for equation selection, additional data import and export formats, and more.
Wearing a bra that properly fits the body can change the way you look and feel, yet too many women are hesitant to go for a bra fitting thinking it will be as traumatic an experience as trying on bathing suits," said Liz Smith, director of retail service for Wacoal.
The new Open Fit hearing aids from Miracle-Ear also allow customers to enjoy convenient, one-visit fitting that requires no ear molds, giving customers the ability to try the hearing aid in the office and walk out the same day with better hearing.