fitting occasion

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Some- those wounded by the irresistible shafts launched by her bright eyes- made as though they would follow her, heedless of the frank declaration they had heard; seeing which, and deeming this a fitting occasion for the exercise of his chivalry in aid of distressed damsels, Don Quixote, laying his hand on the hilt of his sword, exclaimed in a loud and distinct voice:
Fitting occasion made, Mrs Lammle accordingly produced the most passable of those feverish, boastful, and indefinably loose gentlemen who were always lounging in and out of the City on questions of the Bourse and Greek and Spanish and India and Mexican and par and premium and discount and three-quarters and seven-eighths.
I bent myself to devising ways and means for our escape, and meanwhile strove, on all fitting occasions, to impress them with the gross fraud and inhumanity of slavery.
It's a most fitting occasion to celebrate and share love with our model solo parents whose difficult and important role in our society deserves ample recognition and support by continuously pursuing meaningful programs to ensure their welfare," Alvarado said.
From the excellent matchday programme, to the yellow and green clappers, the video and audio on the screens, the ex-players and legends of the club and, of course, Cyrille's family - it all made for a very emotional and fitting occasion.
Moreover, coinciding as it did with 70 years of Pakistan's independence, it was a fitting occasion to reflect upon this country's journey through the decades.
May this year's observance serve as a fitting occasion to strengthen and affirm our family ties,' Poe said in a statement issued on Tuesday.
The milestone is a fitting occasion for Lewis to look back, but president and chief executive officer Mark Griffin is determined to keep the company nurtured by his father, John, oriented toward the future.
This is a fitting occasion to renew the friendship of our respective governments and international organizations with you, Mr.
He said: "This will be a fitting occasion for a facility that is not only significant for the University, but for Wales, the UK and Europe.
He said: "This will be a fitting occasion for a facility that is not only signifi-cant for the university, but for Wales, the UK and Europe.
As well as celebrating with our key stakeholders, tonight's event is a fitting occasion to showcase the local produce we offer and recognise the part our suppliers have played in the success we've had since we opened our doors in September.