fitting time

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Perhaps he rejoiced at so easy a manner of getting rid of claims so troublesome; perhaps he awaited a fitting time to exhibit his power; or it even might be, that matters of so much greater importance were pressing on his mind, that it had not leisure to devote any of its faculties to an event of so much indifference.
"I am your prisoner, and, at a fitting time shall be ready to follow, even to my death.
And it is now wellnigh the fitting time to summon the brethren to breakfast in the refectory Ah!
But there goes the bell, and as I stand to win a little on this next race, I shall defer a lengthy explanation until a more fitting time."
For Lorenzana, the only fitting time to declare martial law would when Negros Oriental finds itself in total "chaos" which it can no longer be controlled.
Like our suite of applications, we are always growing and improving, and it seemed like a fitting time to modernize our brand assets to represent an identity that better reflects our firm's DNA of relentless curiosity, nimble innovation, love for cutting edge technologies and a passion for delivering value to our customers.
'And I think there couldn't be a more fitting time --as me being the Director of Civil Rights for the Unborn at Priests for Life--to point out that the sanctity of life should definitely have a place in African-American history.'" ( pro-life/2016/02/29/dr-alvedaking-end-the-black-genocide)
"I was honoured earlier this year with the Outstanding Achievement Award at the Hotel Cateys and it seems a fitting time to make this decision.
In this divisive age, now seems like a fitting time to recognize the greatest love affair I've had the good fortune to witness firsthand--the relationship between my mom and dad.
And there is no other fitting time to drum up the biggest, richest event on the Ladies Philippine Golf Tour (LPGT) than the world No.
Cayman Islands Representative in the UK, Eric Bush commented, It was an honour to organise the largest event of its kind for Cayman in the UK and a fitting time to say my regards and farewells to those I have worked so closely with over the last two and a half years.
"This achievement is even more amazing considering it is a one-man kitchen situated in a shed, proving I have not been a flash in the pan - a fitting time to close the restaurant on a high.