fitting time

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Perhaps he rejoiced at so easy a manner of getting rid of claims so troublesome; perhaps he awaited a fitting time to exhibit his power; or it even might be, that matters of so much greater importance were pressing on his mind, that it had not leisure to devote any of its faculties to an event of so much indifference.
I am your prisoner, and, at a fitting time shall be ready to follow, even to my death.
And it is now wellnigh the fitting time to summon the brethren to breakfast in the refectory Ah
But there goes the bell, and as I stand to win a little on this next race, I shall defer a lengthy explanation until a more fitting time.
As 2018 is the centenary of Donald's birth it was thought a fitting time to pay tribute to this renowned Scottish ornithologist, wildlife artist and author who lived in the Stewartry.
It's the love month of February, a fitting time for me to take a break from writing on political issues that have been making blood boil on both sides of the partisan divide.
Forster's return to face Scotland could not have come at a more fitting time for a former Parkhead player.
As we just completed the annual IMF/World Bank meetings, its a fitting time to reflect on what has been accomplished in the years since the global financial crisis.
88sec (normal) for the 290m course and connections have decided it is a fitting time to bow out.
The Xbox One is in the best health it's ever been, so now is a fitting time for the 360 generation's big exclusive shooter series to debut on the One.
I have always wanted to visit his grave, and I can't think of a more fitting time to be at his grave than this Friday, the 100-year anniversary of Charles' death on August 5, 1916.
The show comes at a fitting time, too, after last week's EU Referendum result ignited an ire in the legendary vocalist.