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Amy Wadge sings a specially written track fittingly titled The Bridge 80ft high on a platform to mark BBC Music Day
The unveiling of the tribute to Ginger, again fittingly, took place on Liverpool Day - which also saw a new chapter being written in racing history.
CRAIG POUNTNEY fittingly bagged Stratford Town's final goal of the season during the 3-1 defeat of third-placed Coalville Town at Masons Road.
As governor last year, he proclaimed May 15 "Massachusetts Gay/Straight Youth Pride Day" and "urge[d] all citizens of the Commonwealth to take cognizance of this event and participate fittingly in its observance.
Reid describes her as a "walking encyclopedia" of Anglican church history and, fittingly, she attends St.
Lara and Rich bring over a bottle of wine and so do I, but, fittingly, my girlfriend Amalie serves martinis.
Fittingly, the Paper Industry Management Association (PIMA) merged its International Management Conference and its Information Technology (IT) Conference into a combined event that was held in June, 2004 in New Orleans.
Fittingly, the first International Society for Horticultural Science Humulus Symposium was held at the university in early August, bringing together 100 scientists and hops growers from around the world to discuss "humulus," the scientific name for hops.
FITTINGLY for the home of the film industry, there were plenty of movie-themed games on show at E3 in LA last week.
It was the best home match of the season and fittingly, Shearer, with an absolute belter, ensured our winning goal makes him a candidate for goal of the season.
Fittingly, the first samba was Tropical Geography, a song composed by passengers on the original samba train to celebrate the stops along the line.