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The problem cases that arise for these accounts point to a notion of a right-kind reason and a corresponding notion of fittingness unsuited for underpinning a buck-passing account of value simpliciter.
(120) But thanks to the sufficiency of determinacy (both metaphysically and semantically) for the articulation of content, (121) there need be, as it were, nothing over and above things nor under them (as their ground) to account for their determinacy and thus conceptual fittingness. Hegel is attempting not an account of ontology independent of conceptual intelligibility but a kind of ontology given norms of conceptual intelligibility.
Scientific studies thus support the fittingness of the male for functions of protection and boundary setting.
This is sometimes obscured by saying "That the hat fits is true only for Harry," as if the truth of the claim rather than the fittingness of the hat were something particular to Harry.
(29.) In this otherwise faithful translation of the thesis, Charles Hefling prefaces it with three words--"This is why ..." This phrase, while not contrary to Lonergan's wording of the thesis, may contrast with Lonergan's reading of Anselm's argument as being "not from necessity but from appropriateness or fittingness ...
* Confirmability is attained if the other three evaluative criteria are met; based on the study's credibility, fittingness, and auditability, this study meets confirmability requirements.
To enhance the possibility of transferability, the researcher developed detailed descriptions of the context so that others could make judgments about fittingness with other possible contexts.
Data were collected from siblings who were actually immersed in the phenomenon at the time of the interviews, enhancing the fittingness of the data.
Guba and Lincoln (1981) identified the following criteria of rigor that relate to qualitative research: credibility, auditability, and fittingness. Through application of these criteria in the current study, credibility or the truth value of the description to the phenomenon was accomplished through capturing verbatim narratives of new nurses who graduated from a BSN program that integrated ELNEC throughout its curriculum and who cared for EOL patients during their first year in practice.
This is the point where external generalizability should be replaced in qualitative research by concepts such as that of "fittingness", that is proposed by Guba and Lincolin (quoted in Schofield 2002) and that of "comparability" which is proposed by Goetz and LeCompte (cited in Schofield, 2002).
This aims to highlight both the expositional readiness of the parables and their missional fittingness For Luke's own catechetical intention integral to the discipleship process.
(DeRose, Goldman, and Greco do challenge the idea that there is an adequate notion of fit that would enable the evidentialist to say that fittingness is the essence of justification.) The volume contains little discussion of the basing relation.