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However, qualitative research concerns itself with fittingness rather than generalizability--that is, the extent to which the findings of the study apply to contexts familiar to the reader.
Findings were extracted from the descriptive data drawn directly from the siblings' spoken words, thereby enhancing the fittingness of the findings; that is, "the findings of the study .
2) Transferability or "generalizability or fittingness of study findings to other settings" (Jackson 2003, 183) was judged by the relevance of emerging themes to other studies of perception of environmental risk in place.
Fittingness or transferability was built into the design of the project.
If the experience of logical 'correctness' is the experience of a certain kind of fittingness, so that the 'ugliness' of a painting and the 'ugliness' of an inference are in some sense continuous, then the perception of the logical force of reason is a special case or range of an aesthetic responsiveness to what may be described as [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
He covers Christological methods, the election of Jesus Christ, the pre-existence of Christ, the fittingness of the virgin birth, Christ and the embryo, whether Christ was sinless or impeccable, materialist Christology, and multiple incarnations.
Substantiating the findings with other women experiencing child to mother violence, and situating them within the literature determined their fittingness and confirmability, respectively.
Father Moss added: "You really sense a lovely kind of continuity and fittingness.
Respect as fittingness is the idea that each person is entitled to be treated in accordance with his status concerning some specified attribute.
A certain fittingness of world to mind [convenientia entis ad intellectum]" thus yields what Fergus Kerr calls a "radically non-interiorist account of the self," one that no longer involves some hermetic Cartesian cogito wrestling with medium-sized dry goods.
Following Roberts and Taylor (2002) the qualitative studies in this review were further evaluated using categories of credibility, fittingness, auditability and confirmability to determine rigour or 'validity and reliability'.
21) Furthermore, it explains why cultural creations have a sense of fittingness and context.