fix the date

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References in classic literature ?
They had been attending a May Day festival at Greenton; and that serves to fix the date.
The month of May had already commenced, and I expected the letter daily which was to fix the date of my departure, when Henry proposed a pedestrian tour in the environs of Ingolstadt, that I might bid a personal farewell to the country I had so long inhabited.
That the practice of thus preserving their kings must have been an ancient one is evident from the number, which, allowing for an average reign of fifteen years, supposing that every king who reigned was placed here--an improbable thing, as some are sure to have perished in battle far from home--would fix the date of its commencement at four and a quarter centuries back.
It is one of several indications which enabled me to fix the date.
During hearing, the Foreign Office was asked to fix the date for the arrangements of video link of Mark Siegel for cross examination on his statement.
Rao, who is involved in a project to fix the date of Mahabharat, had expressed his interest at a recently- held memorial lecture organised by the department.
It is recommended to fix the date on which the list of persons entitled to receive dividends is determined January 12, 2015.
He said he would fix the date for a new hearing on March 29.
In the multilateral nuclear talks, which brought together North and South Korea, the United States, China, Japan and Russia, representatives agreed to seek a solution to the nuclear issue via dialogue, but failed to fix the date and venue for the next round of talks.
In silvery near-black-and-white, The Long Count pans across the shouting crowd at a boxing match; sartorial details fix the date as the mid-'60s.
Sources said Taliban Shura needed time to fix the date and venue for next round of peace talks with the government peace committee.
Amna Masood Janjua said " you please fix the date when this case will be heard.