fix the position

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By the aid of this and other instruments, he was able to fix the position of the kite and the point over which it hung.
The high-tech WAM system ensures that the airport uses the most up-to-date and advanced technology relies on five individual radar sites, gathers information from aircraft and allows the system to accurately fix the position of the aircraft within Newcastle Airport airspace and pass this information onto Air Traffic Controllers on the ground.
This small, handheld device projects a laser line - you just point it at where you want to measure, fix the position by pressing a button and it provides an instant reading (up to 25m).
By liaising with the Department for Transport, Birmingham City Council could fix the position of the station now.
Once the telescope reorients, its precision pointing system takes another 15 minutes to locate and track "guide stars" so that it can fix the position of the star under study.
Sudanese defense minister Abdel-Rahim Hussein told reporter in Khartoum today that army is committed to the announced ceasefire but to be successful Darfur peacekeeping force should fix the positions of the rebel troops.