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Committee also discussed 'the progress report on the letter of Chairman, Standing Committee dated 18-12-2017, regarding investigation of Management/Defalcation in Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM), Karachi, by National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to fix the responsibility for the losses to country'.
He added that this report was regarding a high-level meeting held at PM House that was attended by the highest civilian and military officials and as the report dealt with a sensitive issue, so an inquiry was conducted to fix the responsibility that who leaked the information.
Municipal Commissioner against various BMC departments and officials to fix the responsibility and take action.
The Committee directed to the Ministry of Industries and Production to submit the report within 3 months regarding investigation of Management/Defalcation in Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM), Karachi by National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to fix the responsibility of losses to the country.
The chief justice ordered AAG to procure the file regarding the appointment of the post and fix the responsibility for the delay.
The PAC unanimously directed Auditor General of Pakistan (AGP) to probe into this scandal on its own, fix the responsibility and inform PAC about them so that action could be initiated against the persons found responsible.
The chairman directed the officials concerned to conduct an inquiry into the matter and fix the responsibility of corruption on the actual culprits.
Taking notice of the issue, he directed the Establishment Division to submit a report into the matter, so that further investigation could be conducted over the issuance of fake domiciles of Balochistan province and fix the responsibility, a press release said.
The competent authorities in State life Insurance Cooperation had immediately formulated a Committee consisting of officers of Policy Holder Services, Information Technology, Finance and Accounts to probe into the matter and bring the facts on record and fix the responsibility vide order dated 22.
Protestors threatened if the issue was not solved forthwith, the Shinwari Khuga Khel tribe will move to Parliament House Islamabad and will fix the responsibility on federal government.
He announced that an investigation will be carried out to fix the responsibility.
BBC, which has telecast the documentary earlier this week, has been served a legal notice by the government even as the Home Minister has ordered an investigation into how the permission was granted to interview rape accused Mukesh Singh, in July 2013 and also to fix the responsibility.