fix the time

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References in classic literature ?
Elinor would not argue upon the propriety of overcoming such feelings;--she only endeavoured to counteract them by working on others;--represented it, therefore, as a measure which would fix the time of her returning to that dear mother, whom she so much wished to see, in a more eligible, more comfortable manner, than any other plan could do, and perhaps without any greater delay.
The morning call trick is one many people claim they are able to perform, allowing them accurately to fix the time at which they wake, without any need for an alarm.
The case held that where an agreement provides for payment upon the happening of an event, depending on the language used, such provision may be construed to fix the time for payment, or as a condition precedent to payment.
Under Indiana Code Section 23-1-29-3, the court may order an annual meeting to be held and fix the time and place of the meeting on the application of any shareholder if an annual meeting was not held within the earlier of six months after the end of the corporation's fiscal year or 15 months after its last annual meeting.
The ex-England player wrote in his book that he and a team-mate attempted to fix the time of the first throw-in during a televised Southampton game in 1995.