fix the value

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Another reason for proper valuation is to fix the value in the deceased's estate for Federal Estate Tax purposes.
In this regard, the FBR has issued notification SRO 345(I)/2010 stating that in exercise of the powers conferred by the first proviso to clause 46 of Section 2 of the Sales Tax Act, 1990, the FBR is pleased to fix the value of locally produced goods specified below, supplied by registered persons opting to pay sales tax on ad valorem basis, at the rate specified in Sub-section (1) of Section 3 of the act.
With regards to the valuation of our asset plays, we do not fix the value of those assets.
French holiday park specialist Siblu Holidays launched its own on-park EuroVoucher currency yesterday so families can fix the value of their holiday spending money at EUR1.
In case of property, the stamp value will be taken into consideration to fix the value of the gift.
dollar--it also is rising against the Asian currencies, whose central banks intervene in the foreign exchange markets to fix the value of their currencies against the dollar.
By providing for termination of contracts on default, nondefaulting parties can remove uncertainty as to whether the contract will be performed, fix the value of the contract at that point, and proceed to rehedge themselves against market risk.
For estate tax purposes, parties may also fix the value of closely held stock in a restrictive buy-sell or redemption agreement.
We have to fix the value of the ringgit permanently so that traders and individuals will be aware of their financial position and with that the economy will operate well.
The impetus to do so will, of course, be balanced by the political desire to create a single European currency which, once established, will fix the value of the mark, the franc and so on for ever more (in theory).