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Turgor potential and proline were under the influence of additive component of inheritance under non-stress regime, while under water stress regime osmotic potential and canopy temperature were under the influence of fixable additive [d] gene action.
Some of these problems are fixable, but you gotta decide whether it's worth your time to mess with it.
While the Heat need to pick themselves up, their problems are fixable.
Flaws related to key impact compounds and odor-related chemicals can be identified," she stated, "and some of those flaws are fixable.
If not, has it fallen due to short-term, fixable problems (such as flooding at a supplier's factory) or serious, long-term ones (such as a strong competitor eating its lunch)?
Sky's F1 commentator and former driver Martin Brundle, who was Schumacher's team-mate at Benetton, tweeted: "Let's hope Michael Schumacher's ski shunt is not too bad and that he's totally fixable.
The youth unemployment issues that hang around this region's neck are a major consideration, but a fixable one.
The inordinate length of this otherwise colorful, accessible pic reps a fixable obstacle to crossover success; festival programmers will surely be jamming.
It's not a cure-all, but it allows two groups with fixable needs to help each other.
The 24-inch main steam line had bottomed out on several pipe hangers and created a dangerous torque load on the boiler feed line resulting in a steam leak that was never really fixable.
In response to strong demand of used spare parts in Dubai, TAU will take recyclable parts out of damaged vehicles that cannot be traded as fixable vehicles.