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First, for all section 467 rental agreements that constitute either a disqualified leaseback or a long-term agreement, the fixed rent for a rental period is the constant rental amount (described below).
Fixed deferred annuity: Similar to an immediate annuity, a fixed deferred annuity provides specific benefits guaranteed by the underlying insurance company.
Across varied industries, also driving fixed content is the need for regulatory compliance.
For example, a hairdresser working in Baku will pay a tax of 40 manats (a fixed tax of 20 manats), seamstresses and waiters - 20 manats (a fixed tax of 10 manats).
government enterprise expenditures for fixed assets; change in
Bajaj Finance Ltd., the lending arm of Bajaj Finserv, offers investors an opportunity to earn higher returns through its Fixed Deposit.
Fixed loading grid setups for tall palm tree fields to improve their view distance
Continue reading to find out who the top 10 individual annuity sales are and how they ranked in terms of variable, fixed and fixed index sales:
Bank of Ireland has reduced its new 1, 2, 3 and 5 year fixed rate products including a new rate of 3.35% for 2 year fixed period for Loan to Value (LTV) up to 80% and 3.45% for 5 year fixed period for LTVs up to 80%.
New rates for annual interest on balances of GBP1 or more are Instant ISA Saver - Issue 5 paying 1.10% AER tax-free (variable); Flexclusive ISA - Issue 11 paying 1.30% AER tax-free (variable); Inheritance ISA - Issue 3 paying 1.10% AER tax-free (variable); One-year Fixed Rate ISA paying 1.20% AER tax-free; Two-year Fixed Rate ISA paying 1.40% AER tax-free; Three-year Fixed Rate ISA paying 1.60% AER tax-free; Six-month Fixed Rate Bond and e-Bond paying 0.90% gross p.a./AER; One-year Fixed Rate Bond and e-Bond paying 1.20% gross p.a./AER; Two-year Fixed Rate Bond and e-Bond paying 1.40% gross p.a./AER; Three-year Fixed Rate Bond and e-Bond paying 1.60% gross p.a/AER.
The bank is also offering a five-year fixed rate deal of 4.1 percent 4.4 percent APR fixed for 80 percent LTV and 4.35 percent 4.5 percent APR fixed available up to 90 percent LTV; and a seven-year fixed rate deal of 4.2 percent 4.4 percent APR fixed available up to 80 percent LTV and 4.45 percent 4.6 percent APR fixed available up to 90 percent LTV.
The official Bahrain News Agency reports that increases in crude oil and natural gas output were a major boost, contributing to the achieved rate of growth by over 53 per cent in fixed prices.