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Fixed annuities are generally appropriate for conservative investors, because they provide stable, guaranteed monthly income payments, shielding the annuity owner flora market and investment risks.
First, for all section 467 rental agreements that constitute either a disqualified leaseback or a long-term agreement, the fixed rent for a rental period is the constant rental amount (described below).
LDI Corporation, a Cleveland-based, full-service computer leasing and technology integration company with annual sales of $360 million, recently completed a $21-million swap as it sought to convert a portion of its outstanding floating-rate debt to a fixed rate.
CAS offers significant advantages to the management of information and in meeting a company's fixed content needs.
AcSEC does not have the authority to provide further guidance on level-A topics, such as fixed asset and inventory accounting.
Axesstel will exhibit the PG330 along with its other fixed wireless phones, voice/data terminals, broadband modems and 3G gateways at 3GSM World Congress being held February 12 - 15, 2007 in Barcelona, Spain.
Permit estate beneficiaries to receive annual installments from the IRA for the remaining fixed number of years.
Research shows that fixed annuities are important for retirees, so it is unfortunate that most retirees do not know, understand or appreciate fixed annuities," said Chris O'Flinn, president and CEO of ELM Income Group, Inc.
This structure enabled SSgA to provide its institutional clients with customizable fixed income solutions, often including the use of both passive and active bond strategies for a single client.
Pakistan fixed subscribers by operators (including WLL), 2004-2006
The tiny country proceeded to invest relatively heavily - to the tune of around US$27 million - in telecommunications infrastructure between 1996 and 2002 to provide the country with a modern fixed line network.
Scott's deep, high-yield bond investment experience and his extensive credit analysis expertise make him ideal to help expand upon SSgA's alpha-generation toolkit," said Paul Greff, director of Global Fixed Income for State Street Global Advisors.