fixed assets

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not been incorporated into the fixed assets accounts.
Lack of the register also made it hard to confirm the ownership, existence, location, safety and the current status of the Judiciary's fixed assets.
18 September 2018 - New York, US-based technology and business consultancy Net@Work has acquired Florida, US-based fixed asset management solutions provider IMS (Inventory Management Solutions), the company said.
In 2016 the structure of expenditure on acquisition of tangible fixed assets by kind was changed.
Ares EBS consultant, Yiting Chen, shared how to accurately grasp the fixed asset tax account books through E-business tools, and explained the operation of enterprise asset maintenance and account settlement.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-February 16, fixed asset solution chosen by AirAsia
The sampling results may be implemented in various customized ways into the fixed assets, and in today's tangible property regulations environment, taxpayers are looking for assets to be split into component detail.
"As soon as this final rule takes effect, federal credit union boards of directors will have the freedom to prudently make their own decisions about the appropriate level of fixed assets to hold," she continued.
In the order, dated April 10, the ministry said that an auditor should mention whether there is an adequate internal control system commensurate with the size of the company and the nature of its business for the purchase of inventory and fixed assets and sale of goods and services.
Although they're considered low risk by auditors, fixed assets need attention to ensure the organization's records are accurate and its controls provide effective oversight of this area.
The predominant sources of fixed assets are own funds of enterprises and households, their share in total volume amounted to 57.2%.