fixed capital

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At the same time, the specific gravity of loans among the investments made to the fixed capital fell by 3 percent, to 17.
Moreover, the total fixed capital formation in the activity of agriculture, forestry and fishing, experienced successive hikes during the period (2006-2011).
Private sector fixed capital formation will not show much life through the first half of 2004 because most Uruguayan industries are sitting on extensive installed overcapacity.
The balance sheet reveals fixed capital efficiency and working capital efficiency through metrics such as fixed-asset turnover, accounts receivable days-of-sales-outstanding (DSO), inventory turns, and accounts payable days-of-purchases-outstanding (DPO).
Chart (1--Color) BIZ FACTS Savings and investment Investment in machines/equipment and fixed capital formation (savings), as a percent of GDP Knight-Ridder Tribune Grahics Network (2--Color) DOW INDUSTRIALS Photo (Roger Ailes)
In the first quarter of 2014 gross fixed capital formation is BGN 2.
The total fixed capital formation in electricity, gas, water and waste management activity increased from AED 6.
Gross fixed capital formation 119 663 122 454 125 627 123 736
Gross Fixed capital formation 98 650 93 843 85 548 88 225