fixed capital

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A portion of the project covers fixed capital investment related to automation of production (advanced manufacturing technologies) at the promoter's existing manufacturing locations in the EU.
The real growth of gross fixed capital formation was 3.
The total investments in the fixed capital in Kazakhstan stood at 4.
Gross fixed capital formation data have been prepared according to the European System of Accounts 2010 (ESA 2010).
This survey provides statistics on the number of institutions operating in financial intermediation, the number of employees and their compensations, output value, intermediate consumption, gross value added with its various components, and the gross fixed capital formation of the financial sector.
The second part comprises tables specific to countries or areas, presenting statistics on the number of manufacturing establishments, the number of employees, wages and salaries paid to employees, output, value added, gross fixed capital formation, and index numbers of industrial production.
The company employs over 1230 workers with fixed capital of SYP 783 million and invested capital of SYP 1.
Officials from the Reserve Bank said fixed capital formation -- the expenditure on fixed capital assets such as buildings and machinery crucial to the country's economic growth -- had also been hit by the uncertain climate.
5 billion, while fixed capital formation grew to Dh79.
The drivers were net exports, government consumption and the inventory accumulation, whilst private consumption and fixed capital formation contributed negatively.
The delay was caused more by contraction in exports and slow growth in gross fixed capital formation.
Chapters discuss the historic increase of fixed capital, the role of finance, the long-term effects of the railroad industry, the rise of "welfare capitalism" in which consolidated enterprises dared to adopt a relatively progressive attitude toward labor, the impact and legacy of the Great Depression, the Golden Age of industrial dependence, and much more.