fixed capital

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Nursultan Nazarbayev, first president of Kazakhstan, has set a target of steady economy growth, which requires the volume of investments into fixed capital to reach 30 percent of GDP, with the main source to be foreign investors, the news report says.
"At the same time, the specific gravity of loans among the investments made to the fixed capital fell by 3 percent, to 17.5 percent.
Moreover, the total fixed capital formation in the activity of agriculture, forestry and fishing, experienced successive hikes during the period (2006-2011).
Gross fixed capital formation 1 616.4 1 566.5 1 565.5
Gross fixed capital formation 128 522 128 776 129 563 125 952
The balance sheet reveals fixed capital efficiency and working capital efficiency through metrics such as fixed-asset turnover, accounts receivable days-of-sales-outstanding (DSO), inventory turns, and accounts payable days-of-purchases-outstanding (DPO).
Total volume of investments in fixed capital in the first three months of 2018 amounted to 18.5 billion som.
In January-November it was spent $6.05 billion, or 44.2 percent to the non-oil sector in Azerbaijan out of $13.69 billion directed to the fixed capital from all sources of financing the development of the country's economic and social sphere.
The total fixed capital formation in the extractive industry activity rose from AED 7.8 billion in 2006 to AED 48.8 billion in 2011 at an annual growth rate of 44% on average during the period, while fixed capital formation in the activity grew by 11.6% in 2011.
Gross fixed capital formation 961.5 1 010.7 1 097.4