fixed conviction

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My strong suspicion that she must have told him, my irresistible dread (all the more overpowering from its very vagueness) of the consequences which might follow, my fixed conviction, derived from various little self-betrayals which women notice in each other, that Madame Fosco, in spite of her well-assumed external civility, had not forgiven her niece for innocently standing between her and the legacy of ten thousand pounds--all rushed upon my mind together, all impelled me to speak in the vain hope of using my own influence and my own powers of persuasion for the atonement of Laura's offence.
He pointed out that the Credit Bank had already signed similar protocols with the National Bank of Kuwait, Kuwait International Bank and Boubyan Bank reflecting its fixed conviction in the role of the private sector as a wheel of development in the country aimed to transform Kuwait into a financial and economic center.
This reflects his fixed convictions regarding the nobility and Arabism of the Druze people and his belief that their usual position is in opposition to the Israeli occupation alongside their Arab brothers.