fixed direction

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The knotted structure of the skyrmion consists of linked loops, at each of which all the spins point to a certain fixed direction.
Acer TrueHarmony 3D Soundscape technology recreates the acoustic space based on the orientation of the player's head, convincing the brain that sound is coming from a fixed direction.
Take the definite and fixed direction you definite and fixed direction you want to head without the sway of want to head without the sway of those who really have no say.
In particular we are interested in mean values for the lengths of the typical I-, K- and J segment having a fixed direction and their relation to the mean values without the directional conditioning (this could be of some interest for stereological questions).
With an analogous way, we define 3--type slant helices whose trinormal lines make a constant angle with a fixed direction in [E.
The wheel's spin produces inertia that keeps the wheel's spin axis pointed in a fixed direction, so gyroscopes have long served as stable references for compasses and navigation systems.
Tool tip positioning errors are measured dynamically along a fixed direction using various tool paths to determine angular, dynamic, and tool tip positioning errors.
said the market ''is not prepared to move the yen-dollar exchange rate in one fixed direction sharply in view of last week's releases of a series of Japanese and U.
Aluminium: Erratic trading with no fixed direction saw closing prices see-saw daily with $10 per tonne limits until closing at the top end of Friday's range at $1,608 for a $14 overall gain on the week.
Lidar systems usually operate in an unmoving "stare" mode, gathering information in a fixed direction from the naturally occurring sodium layer located between 90 and 100 km above the ground.
Each birefringent molecule has a fixed direction depending on the argon beam polarization and intensity, and on the thermal agitation.