fixed future

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This, despite my offers of maximum flexibility, to meet them before the current tour, during the tour, after the tour, on show days, pre-show days, post-show days, or on any fixed future date for :5, :15, or :30 minutes with one, two, or all three sisters at anytime convenient, all of which has been retorted with a "let me see what I can do" before the requisite "sorry that doesn't look like it will work," a patterned deflection I begrudgingly start to admire and which reflects the current success of Haim, for whom the music industry clock is loudly ticking.
For example, a succession plan may call for a key employee to buy the business at the death of the owner or at a fixed future date if the owner is still alive.
Anchors provided by core values, a lifelong personal mission, and a vision or dream to achieve in a distant but fixed future, give to our life and work the necessary moorings, which secure us against drifting away when buffeted by the stormy and other inclement conditions of life.
His Conservative Energy Minister, Michael Fallon, is now twisting and turning to redefine the word "subsidy" in such a contorted way to accommodate the demands of EDF as the fixed future price for nuclear electricity is agreed at double the current value (in secret), he is like Humpty Dumpty in Alice through the Looking Glass, where words mean whatever he wants them to mean whenever he wants them to.
During the global financial crisis of 2008, the currency swap transaction structure was used by the United States Federal Reserve and the central bank of a developed or stable emerging economy agreed to exchange domestic currencies at the current prevailing market exchange rate and reverse the swap at the same exchange rate at a fixed future date.
Usually the company pays interest each year and the money is repaid at a fixed future date.
Broadly speaking, the company pays interest each year and the money is repaid at a fixed future date.
In a typical VPF, a taxpayer agrees to sell to a counterparty (usually an investment bank) a variable number of shares on a fixed future date in exchange for an upfront cash payment.
This comes with a forward foreign exchange contract, which is an agreement, entered into today, to purchase or sell a fixed quantity of foreign exchange sea fixed future date.
Wells (1866-1946) came up hard, freeing himself by dint of imagination and work from the fixed future of the British class system - a life spent working in a fabric store.
The PVF is for the income stream that is projected to change in constant dollar amounts in a manner similar to a sinking fund to reach a projected fixed future value.