fixed opinion

References in classic literature ?
It was the practice of our venerable ancestors to apply that ingenious instrument the thumb-screw, and to tighten and tighten it in order to elicit non-existent facts; they had a fixed opinion to begin with, that the facts were existent, and what had they to do but to tighten the thumb-screw?
And he is upon the whole of a fixed opinion that to give the sanction of his countenance to any complaints respecting it would be to encourage some person in the lower classes to rise up somewhere--like Wat Tyler.
It is my fixed opinion that those who have undergone this punishment, MUST pass into society again morally unhealthy and diseased.
Yet his very elbows, when he had his back towards me, seemed to teem with the expression of his fixed opinion that I was extremely young.
The totality of the circumstances of the case does not prove that the trial judge acquired a fixed opinion as a result of prejudicial publicity, which is incapable of change even by evidence presented during the trial.
DJing keeps us really digging for new stuff, revisiting old classics, and revaluating things you thought you had a fixed opinion on.
More prospective jurors were stricken for their views on the death penalty, difficulty understanding the burdens of proof, and other reasons unrelated to prejudice against Brown than those stricken for a fixed opinion of Brown's guilt or familiarity with Walker or his family.
All with massive gulfs of fixed opinion from people who are not going to be suddenly swayed by evidence.
"Cairo has its fixed opinion regarding nuclear non-proliferation and Israel's position towards it," he said.
I can honestly say I have not got a fixed opinion on what is the right option in this situation and want to hear from all of the stakeholders and people who can contribute in any way to the consultation.
All the others already have a fixed opinion before the first election dollar is spent.
"His profession entails granting certificates to conscripts seeking deferrals, and the opinions in his letter clearly show that he has a fixed opinion of the army.