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These results confirm that, even when taking into account subjective evaluation of the risk of caries in the indication for fitting fixed orthodontic appliances and with regular instructions in how to improve oral hygiene status, there is a continued risk of initiating or even increasing enamel demineralization during treatment with fixed orthodontic appliances.
The participants having upper and lower fixed orthodontic appliance formed the study group.
The pocket depths of the patients treated with fixed orthodontic appliances was more than that of the patients treated by removable appliances, because of the greater, continuous and controlled pressure exerted by fixed appliances, as a result bone resorption is more by the fixed appliances than by the removable appliances, that exert less and non-continuous pressure.
Patients' Expectations and Experiences of Fixed Orthodontic Appliance Therapy: Impact on Quality of Life.
The effect of fixed orthodontic appliances on the oral carriage of Candida species and Enterobacteriaceae.
It is a well known fact that the placement of fixed orthodontic appliances generally hinders good oral hygiene, and the appliance component can cause alteration in oral micro flora by reducing pH, increasing affinity of bacteria to the metallic surface because of electrostatic reactions, and causing retention areas for microorganisms.
Fibrous gingival enlargements associated with fixed orthodontic appliances seem to be transitory, and it is generally thought that enlargement resolves after orthodontic therapy.
External bleaching effect on the color and luminosity of inactive white-spot lesions after fixed orthodontic appliances.
The effect of a dental water jet with orthodontic tip on plaque and bleeding in adolescent patients with fixed orthodontic appliances.
Objective: To assess the influence of fixed orthodontic appliances on the salivary pH.
Obviously, oral hygiene is greatly complicated following the placement of fixed orthodontic appliances.
In orthodontics, this problem takes on bigger dimensions as those wearing fixed orthodontic appliances are more susceptible to the accumulation of biofilm than the rest of the population.