fixed property

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Four per cent fixed property registration fees are mandated by the government on the sales of Dubai properties.
Going forward, efforts will be made to develop housing finance product(s) based on market prices and rentals vis-a-vis the current practice of fixed property prices and KIBOR (Karachi Interbank Offered Rate) linked rentals.
The work team, charged with examining the second paper under the theme of (the economic situation of Arab women in Islam between the texts, applications and practices), noted women's right to own a property, whether it's a fixed property or an asset, as long as it is legitimate, as well as their right to practice financial investment and ownership of companies or be partners in them.
Roman Empire would purchase approximately the same quantum of commodities, labour, or fixed property today as it could then.
Moving to a flexible work model without a fixed property lease can allow businesses to be more agile and free-up cash for investment without relying on credit at a time when it is so difficult to secure.
The lease takes the form of an easy-to-use eight page proforma, providing the tenant with fixed property costs and a clear picture of the responsibilities they are signing up to.
She said a number of tax proposals will be introduced during the course of 2012 and these include: a differentiated rate on the export of natural resources; a revised Corporate Income Tax for non-diamond mining companies; an environmental levy on a range of environmentally harmful products, and a transfer duty on the sale of shares in companies owning fixed property and mineral rights or licences.
5 billion is available per occurrence for fixed property exposures with coverage available for earthquake and flood.
Some credit may be given to the Government for its attempt, as reported in this issue of The Sofia Echo, to facilitate the granting of visas to non-EU nationals who own fixed property in Bulgaria.
Beyond fixed property, numerous credits are also available for energy efficient vehicles and appliances.
In their meeting Friday, the LDP panels compiled a written request to the party's prefectural chapters for them to ask local governments across Japan to review their policies of reducing or exempting fixed property and other local taxes to facilities of the pro-Pyongyang General Association of Korean Residents in Japan, also known as Chongryon.
Namco attributed the net profit upsurge to a range of one-time gains, including 319 million yen in proceeds from sales of securities and 515 million yen in fixed property sale proceeds.