fixed purpose

References in classic literature ?
Though conscious of the difficulty of learning without a teacher, I set out with high hope, and a fixed purpose, at whatever cost of trou- ble, to learn how to read.
It did not seem to me that I could very well live without that poem, and when I went to Cleveland with the hope that I might have courage to propose a translation of Lazarillo to a publisher it was with the fixed purpose of getting "Maud" if it was to be found in any book- store there.
With tingling nerves but a fixed purpose, I sat in the dark recess of the hut and waited with sombre patience for the coming of its tenant.
On the contrary, I have carried with me always a definite and very fixed purpose.
I mention this in this place, of a fixed purpose, because it is the clue by which I am to be followed into my poor labyrinth.
And so now with fixed purpose and deliberate counsel we will aid your power in dreadful strife and will fight against the Titans in hard battle.
Snagsby observes, as a novelty, that however quick their pace may be, his companion still seems in some undefinable manner to lurk and lounge; also, that whenever he is going to turn to the right or left, he pretends to have a fixed purpose in his mind of going straight ahead, and wheels off, sharply, at the very last moment.
Impassive, moody, solitary, resolute, so concentrated on one idea, and on its attendant fixed purpose, that he would share it with no fellow- creature, he lived apart from human life.
Position 2 Maintaining the fixed purpose of the job 1 equipment.
The TTP offer a future that has no fixed purpose, no constructive basis except to create chaos, confusion and utter discontent only to offer sharia as the sole solution to all problems.
All that looks like great money, and it is great money, but it's for a fixed purpose," Knab said, as she was busy getting ready for the annual fundraiser in Tallahassee, Jazz for Justice, on March 25.
He has convinced Ginola, too, that even a great talent such as his is most effective when it is channelled into a specific role in the team, rather than allowed to roam with no fixed purpose.