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The pair have been forced into such close proximity in the front row that when Bella turns her face towards David to talk to someone behind him, it should be impossible for him to not turn round to look, but David's eyes remain fixedly front-facing here.
[[alpha].sub.1] = arg [Z.sub.k] = angle of vector [X.sub.m] measured with respect to the real axis of a fixedly oriented rectangular coordinate system (counter-clockwise rotations are positive).
For indoor applications, the cameras are fixedly installed, so the background is static.
After he died, the hospital superintendent commented that Gein had been a model patient even if he did have the rather disconcerting habit of staring fixedly at female staff members.
Across the China Sea offers an eloquent and reflective look at the mentally challenged, their caretakers, and at Norway's fixedly pragmatic treatment of mental illness.
The Finn looked far from happy on the podium, staring fixedly ahead as Vettel sprayed his winning fizz.
The Finn looked far from happy on the podium, staring fixedly ahead and taking gulps of the Champagne as Vettel sprayed his.
Motor 1 is fixedly connected with gear 1, and motor 2 is fixedly connected with gear 3.
One gear of a gear pair is usually fixedly connected with one component of a planetary gear set.
Even the most vulnerable of the ten, the skivvied preteen of Morning (I'm scared Mom), 2015, who stares fixedly into space while her standing mother braids her hair, at least has an ally in whom to confide.
They tense their bodies or stare fixedly. You may see a stiff tail, the whites of his eyes or the hair stand up on his shoulders.
We express the vertex set of [G.sup.(c)] as [V.sup.(c) = {[v.sup.(c).sub.1], ..., [v.sup.(c).sub.p]}, where the mobile terminal is denoted by [v.sup.(c).sub.1] fixedly. The edge set of [G.sup.(c)] is expressed as [E.sup.(c) = {[e.sup.(c).sub.2], ..., [e.sup.(c).sub.p]}.