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It is vital to use the right hollow wall fixing to suit the size and weight of the object being hung.
Knowlton's management and the outside team members prepared to embark on the long, difficult process of fixing the business, achieving stability and returning the company to prosperity.
What if instead you had discovered the reason the faucet was leaking and addressed that problem instead of rushing in and "fixing it first?" And what if you checked back periodically to make sure that your faucet was still operating properly?
Unfortunately, fixing the Year 2000 problem will not be easy.
Many of those E interviewed say their work is increasingly embattled by cheap imported goods -- which make fixing something broken more expensive than buying it new -- and disposable designs that don't even allow some new products to be taken apart, let alone repaired.
Redled filed an antitrust suit alleging price fixing by its five largest customers, which it said conspired to fix and hold down the prices they were paying Redled for lead ingot.
The general principle that can be discerned from these rulings is that the submission and approval of claims is not always a necessary prerequisite to the fixing of a right to receive income or an obligation to pay.
Recent enforcement agency actions and court decisions regarding price fixing by physicians dramatize the need for physicians to understand the impact of antitrust laws on fee-setting arrangements.