fixity of purpose

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Achilles answered, "Ulysses, noble son of Laertes, I should give you formal notice plainly and in all fixity of purpose that there be no more of this cajoling, from whatsoever quarter it may come.
That won't change in my lifetime, but I do wonder how long such fixity of purpose will endure.
If she'd had any ambition, it was to create in her own life what had been so clearly lacking in her mother's: order, stability, and some fixity of purpose.
Warhol's film, a study of masculinity, violence, and sexuality, wavers between frenetic agitation and torpid poses, between the obtuse fixity of purpose of the stoned actors and liberating comedy.
The stern compression of circumstances, the twinges of adversity, the spur of slights and taunts in early youth, are needed to evoke the ruthless fixity of purpose and tenacious mother wit without which great actions are seldom accomplished.