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OUNCE. The name of a weight. An ounce avoirdupois weight is the sixteenth part of a pound; an ounce troy weight is the twelfth part of a pound. Vide Weights.

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In same pan, combine onion, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, garlic and 4 fl oz (100ml) of stock.
Moscow, Ohio, is currently being applied to making small unoriented bottles of under 8 fl oz (see PT, Dec.
They contain up to three servings of vegetables and fruit in each 12 fl oz.
INGREDIENTS: 125ml/4 1/2 fl oz milk; 125ml/4 1/2 fl oz double cream; 2-3 drops vanilla essence; 4 eggs; 170g/6oz caster sugar; 1tbsp plain flour; 30g/1oz butter; 500g/1lb 2oz plums, halved and stoned; 2tbsp brown sugar; 30g/1oz flaked almonds (optional); icing sugar, to dust; cream, to serve
7 fl oz Russian Standard vodka; One tablespoon honey; 2-3 ice cubes Method: Shake ingredients and serve in a tumbler.
With the other 10 fl oz cream, place into a large bowl with a pinch of salt and pepper and whisk until thick, shop the olives finely in dice and fold into the cream.