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After spawning organisms lose energy and become exhausted, this condition can be reflected in weakness and flaccidity of the tissues.
Bearing this in mind, the importance of the correct positioning during the flaccidity period is thoroughly justified.
Literally translated, the phrase reads, "thence, perhaps, my flank became senseless," meaning the narrator guesses a drug caused his flaccidity.
By definition, spasticity is associated with higher contractile properties within muscle tissue while at rest and therefore should yield higher stiffness and lower compliance values, whereas flaccidity is associated with lower resting muscle activity, lower tissue stiffness, and higher tissue compliance.
As patients diagnosed with stroke [cerebral vascular accident) often present with flaccidity and decreased H-reflex response, TENS at acupuncture points could potentially be used clinically to increase H-reflex response and ultimately decrease flaccidity.
Ahmed Ibrahim is a medical doctor from the Hebron region specialized in muscular flaccidity.
Foliar yellowing, flaccidity, defoliation, breaking of the stems at nodal regions and spike shedding are the characteristic aerial symptoms of root rot and collar rot infections (Muller, 1936; Holliday and Mowat, 1963).
Yellowing of leaves, flaccidity, chlorosis and wilting (drooping of rachis, leaflets and petioles) are among the critical effects of fusarium wilt on chickpea plant (Haware, and Nene, 1982; Jimenez-Diaz et al.
To take the law student's word about her "fluffiness or daffiness or intellectual flaccidity or a somehow smug-seeming naivete" (289), then, is both to accept his limitations as our own and to deny the woman's anecdote as a meaningful verbal performance even before it is experienced or interpreted as epiphanic by a man.
This flaccidity is responsible for children ingesting a steady, and wholly unnecessary, diet of chemicals, preservatives and bad fats that is capable of doing much damage to their health.
I, again, had continually had an 'appetency' towards removing the motto and had never carried it out--perhaps from that sort of flaccidity which comes over me about what has been done, when I am occupied with what is being done.
Eighteen subjects were enrolled and the remainders were excluded because of very severe spasticity [modified Ashworth scale (MAS) grade 3 or 4] or complete flaccidity of the upper extremity [Medical Research Council scale (MRC) grade 0], impaired cognitive function, or long distance between hospital and home.