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To examine the contribution of Nrf2 to protection against MeHg toxicity in vivo, we counted the number of mice with flaccid hind limbs each day; this flaccidity is a typical sign of MeHg intoxication in rodents (Su et al.
age, wk date Clinical signs SO3970 M/4 2004 Nov Cough, rhinorrea, loss of consciousness, flaccidity SO4891 M/4 2005 Oct Cyanosis, loss of consciousness, flaccidity SO4923 M/15 2005 Nov Apnea, flushing SO4998 F/8 2005 Nov Choking, flushing, distress SO5260 F/9 2006 Apr Cough, choking SO5355 M/6 2006 Jun Apnea, cyanosis SO5529 F/4 2006 Nov Apnea, congestion, cyanosis SO5749 M/24 2007 Mar Choking, cyanosis SO5797 F/6 2007 Mar Apnea, flushing SO5854 F/6 2007 Apr Cough, rhinorrea, apnea SO5896 M/13 2007 Sep Apnea, rhinorrea SO6012 F/7 2007 Oct Cough, distress, apnea SO6666 M/4 2008 Oct Cyanosis, choking SO6813 F/6 2008 Nov Apnea, flaccidity SO6819 M/6 2008 Nov Cough, rhinorrea, flushing SO6816 F/1 2009 Jan Choking, flushing Laboratory no.
2, 9, 10) The initial presentation of infant botulism begins with constipation, and manifests as poor feeding, weak suck, decreased spontaneous movement, loss of facial expression, weak cry, diminished gag reflex, ptosis, poor head control, difficulty swallowing, abnormal eye movements, dilated and/ or sluggishly reactive pupils, and progress to generalized flaccidity and respiratory compromise.
The atmosphere was utterly electric, in contrast to the flaccidity of innumerable "soap box" events organized by artists in the West.
If there is fatigue and low extremity pain and flaccidity and if the eyelids are edematous, remove the Niu Xi, add Yin Yang Huo (Herba Epimedii), 12g, Hong Shen (Radix Rubra Ginseng), 1.
It's that mental flaccidity in praising team-mates as 'great' that perturbs.
It was not flaccidity that afflicted the choice of union.
The question here that Holbein and Aydemir via The Filth enigmatically pose concerns the flaws or inherent flaccidity of all maintained, upright power, suggesting even that the rod of Satan is ultimately shot through with holes.
He said subsequent tests at the Royal Veterinary College in London, using mice fed the Brofiscin stream and well water, caused flaccidity, tumours and death.
Results were supported by several efficacy tests performed as the following: improves leptin levels (fasting hormone) promoting the lipogenesis decrease; rich in PUFAs (Polyunsaturated fatty acids) decreasing lipogenesis; acts on the localized fat and flaccidity.
Disorders of muscle tone may range from flaccidity or complete loss of muscle tone to spasticity, which manifests in increased muscle tone.
The Alchemy of Desire, a voluminous novel running some 518 pages, is about the tides, the paroxysms and flaccidity, the intensity and dampness of sexual desire in newly wedded couples, libertines, homosexuals, voyeurs, lovers, et alia.