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Concerning the mechanism of flagellar and ciliary movement, the idea that it was accomplished by sliding of the outer doublet microtubules with the aid of the arms had already been suggested when the ultrastructures of flagella and cilia were first revealed.
Remarks.--Troglochernes omorgus is placed in the Troglochernes as it has four flagellar blades, lacks tactile setae on tarsi III and IV, lacks eyes or eyespots, has a unicolored carapace with two transverse furrows, and small, dentate, clavate vestitural setae.
However, in Ulvophyceae the furrowing type of somatic cytokinesis, the cruciate, flagellar roots of the motile cell, and the fact that not only male but also female gametes of Ulva are motile (the gametes being isogamous or anisogamous) would all but preclude the direct involvement of ulvophytes in land-plant origins (cf.
In conclusion, the 16S-like rRNA phylogenetic frameworks support phylogenetic relationships proposed on the basis of several ultrastructure features associated with the flagellar apparatus.
Intracellular [Ca.sup.2+] threshold reversibly switches flagellar beat off and on.
The following characters are diagnostic for the Class Diplura: antennae many-segmented, flagellar segments provided with muscles, compound eyes and ocelli absent, tarsi I segmented, abdomen with lateral styliform appendages on most or all of the pre-genital segments, body distally with paired cerci of variable form, terminal median filament absent, tracheal system present, malpighian tubules vestigial or absent.
(11,12) Further, some variants lacking flagellar H antigens of these serotypes (mainly Typhimurium) have also been associated with human infections.
Salmonella enterica serotype paratyphi B was confirmed when it showed agglutination with somatic antigen1,4,5,12 and flagellar antigen H-a.